Winning Strategies Seminar Held for Federal Criminal Lawyers

Last week, I traveled from Atlanta to New Orleans to attend a seminar for attorneys that represent individuals who have been accused of federal criminal offenses. The seminar was sponsored by the Office of Defender Services in Washington, D.C. The seminar was entitled “Winning Strategies” and it included sessions on white collar offenses, computer crimes, firearms offenses, sentencing proceedings in federal court, and a host of other federal offenses.

I attended the seminar with Jake Waldrop, a good friend and fellow criminal defense lawyer here in Atlanta. Jake and I lectured on Internet Based Sex Offenses in Federal Court. As we discussed during the seminar, in recent years, the federal government has placed a high priority on the prosecution of these offenses. And from all indications, the increase in the number of prosecutions in this area is not expected to slow down.

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